Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Holiday in Zhuhai

I just got back from five very relaxing days in China.

Zhuhai is deemed the ‘romance capital’ of China, and it is a beautiful place indeed, with a nice beach and plenty of green. The pollution there, however, was outrageous. A cloud of smog covered you from head to toe everywhere you went like an ominous mist. There was no sign of the sky at all, and if there was a sun, it was nowhere to be seen.

There were some amazing restaurants as well, which would have been perfect little crab shacks on the water, but when the rats ran by and no one seemed to care, we decided to move on.

At least I got to live large in a deluxe suite for about $20 CAD a night, which was great.

Now I'm back at work - as a new first, I'm writing for credit cards.