Friday, April 20, 2007

Status Report VII

Okay, how am I doing?

Well, I’m still here in Hong Kong. And I’m still at Ogilvy and Mather, the biggest agency around. So that’s coo. But I’m still freelance, still at Step 8 and still looking to complete my mission. Hmm.

I am beginning to think that by cornering the freelance English copywriter market I have created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Things were really hopping for two weeks as I was covering for the OgilvyOne writer on top of doing all the O&M stuff, but he's back now, so things have slowed down a bit. Not being swamped always makes me a bit edgy, as my contract is up at the end of the month...

Oh, nevermind, it looks like they're going to keep me for May as well. Excellent.