Thursday, August 24, 2006

Freelance Canadian English Native Copywriter in Hong Kong

Hello, and welcome to my blog Freelance Copywriter.

This blog is going to get me a permanent job as a copywriter for a 4As agency in Hong Kong come hell or high water

And I have decided to document my progress.

I like to make simple goals and achieve them. It is the kind of person I am. I know to get to the point where I am actually offered a job at a 4As agency, I will need to jump through several hoops (and have a bit of luck along the way).

I will do this systematically.

Does this seem like a plodding, troll-like way to break into an industy? Well it is! But it's worked before, and it keeps me occupied.

Anyway, here are the steps:

1. Get into the doors of every 4As agency in town
2. Meet every creative director at these agencies
3. Create a blog, youtube and myspace account to post up TV ads, radio, etc.
4. Gain control of google search words
5. Make contact again with every creative director
6. Put an ad in marketing magazine
7. Pick up some freelance work
8. Gain a short-term contract
9. Get offered a permanent job
10. Take it!

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