Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Moving is a stressful, expensive and labour-intensive experience for most, but it isn’t so bad when you are nomadic like myself. I can carry everything that I own, albeit rather uncomfortably. This means I can pack up, move and reestablish in under an hour, which comes in handy when you are kicked out of your apartment to make room for vacationing mainlanders who will shell out an extra $4000 HK during the month of October only to get invited back for November as you are collecting your damage. Sheesh. My new place is okay, though, but no view.

It is bizarre that I spent so many years working for moving companies and auction houses, and moving furniture everyday. There is nothing that most people hate more than moving, but I kind of like it, on to new places and adventures.

In other news, I've made peace with Google.