Sunday, October 01, 2006

My New Apartment

Well, I had to move. October is the busiest month in Hong Kong and for no reason at all, they told me I couldn't stay in this sweet room with the nice view any more.

It was impossible to reason with them, they just said I had to leave and then went off in Cantonese and laughed at me.

So, fine, I found a new place. It is more expensive, and there is no view, but it is at least brand new and a bit bigger than this place. It also has a TV and DVD.

It's HK7000, but I bargained them down to HK6500 a month. It's serviced so they come and clean it and whatnot. So it could be worse. Definitely a step down from this place though. I move in on Tuesday.

Work is as busy as ever. I had my first day off in ages yesterday, today I went in for seven hours and tomorrow I have to go in again, long weekend or no long weekend, there is work to be done.

As the apartment dude was taking me around the city showing me various rooms, the first one he showed me was on the 14th floor, which I would never do, either way, the place was like a cell, so I said no way. There was a restaurant up there overlooking the harbour, so as we were there the fireworks started and this random dude and myself watched the show for 30 minutes in a restaurant packed with people with the lights out. It was a bit surreal. The fireworks were good though.