Friday, September 08, 2006

English Writing and the Online Presence

Sometimes people ask me what the point of an online presence is.

Google is a lot like the Yellowpages, for most people they only reference it when they are in immediate need of a service. It is reactive advertising.

So if you offer a service that is not needed in a reactive way, it wouldn't make any sense to advertise there. For instance, if you were to go through the Yellowpages, the biggest ads are alwasy for places like storage lockers, plumbers, car rentals, moving companies and things that you don't think about until you need them.

English Freelance Copywriters with international experience are like that. A Creative Director will either call whomever is top of mind, whomever's card s/he has nearby, or the first name that comes up in Google if all else fails.

Calling an english copywriter is about the equivalent to a normal consumer ordering a pizza. You have a few numbers stuck to your fridge that you call, but if they're busy, you call the biggest ad in the phonebook.

That is what online advertising is.

People make 200 million searches a day.

Google is the go to source for looking up information online, for many, it's their home page.