Saturday, September 30, 2006

Freelance Copywriting from a CDs perspective

Here is an interesting interview with Scott Goodson at Strawberry Frog. They are a small shop out of Amsterdam and New York that do most of their work by using freelance copywriters.

According to this interview, Canadians are the best in the biz -Shna!- and that consistently outsourcing freelance copywriters is the new way. Essentially, writers who are nimble, hard working, quick to pick up on voices and concepts and mobile will soon be the workforce of the future in advertising.

Sounds like I am well equipped.

For the time being however, I am still with Publicis Asia, it's great here.

I was pretty depressed today. I don't know why. Every so often the system just crashes. We didn't win the pitch, but KC has hinted that they might still keep me on. They told me I can't stay here in my apartment anymore, as October is high season in HK, so I need to find a new place, and the guy I was supposed to meet never showed. Ugh. Then, I find out google has shut me down! I think it was the post where I was misspelling words, hmm, either way, I've written them and apologized and made the necessary changes, so I hope they will let me back on. I'm still cool with msn and yahoo though. Also I got into a random conversation with some guy the other day and when he asked how old I was, he guessed 35. 35! I couldn't believe it, I asked him why and he said it was because I was fat! That really bummed me out, so today, I just started running. I ran for over two hours, at least a half marathon, through the frenzied streets of Hong Kong with all of these people looking at me and mumbling under their breath in Cantonese about this crazy fool smashing his way through the markets like a madman.

Now I feel great.

I am going to start running home from work. In Vancouver, I would run on my lunch breaks. It was awesome. There were hills and parks and trails through trees I could race through, usually with Daisy, so it kept me trim and sharp. I'd go to the gym and do about 30 reps on the bench press and then hit the showers, it was a good mid-day break, and by the time I left Vancouver I could bench and fly press 315 lbs. On Wednesdays we'd do the Grouse Grind. And on Sundays we'd play floor hockey. Then there was training for the marathon. A fit team is a productive team. Here, I work too long to even hit the gym once a week, and I run maybe twice a week tops. I am going to change this up a bit, KC has mentioned that he wants to go to the gym on the dinner break, so maybe we can work something out.