Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great city. It's not very big, in fact, you can pretty much walk across it. But there are seven million people here stacked up in skyscrapers hundreds of feet high. There is bustling activity everywhere and there is more neon here in such a concentrated area than anything I have ever seen. I love it, I love the commotion of it, I love the energy.

Causeway Bay on a Saturday night is wild. There are millions of people out just wandering around at one in the morning. You can go into the Wellcome supermarket and it is packed. From what I gather, Hongkongers are night owls.

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I spent most of Saturday talking with my girlfriend, esteemed 1/2 marathon dynamo Maria Hruschak, a fantastic up and comer in the sport. It was our two year anniversary, so Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary.