Friday, March 23, 2007

Status Report VI

Ah, the monthly status report.

Where am I in terms of reaching that elusive goal?

I’m still freelance. Still in Hong Kong. Still at Publicis. The contract is up at the end of the month. So basically this status report is the same as the others. I was hoping for some better news, hey, that’s all I’ve got.

Alex, KC and I are going to run around doing a guerilla campaign on Sunday. Should be fun. It reminds me of Australia when Kristian and I shot on the street, out of shopping carts, with no permits. We had lights set up everywhere at 3 am, and I drove my car right up on the sidewalk. When the cops stopped us we would exclaim, ‘but we are filming an ad for Adidas!’ and they left us alone. Yes-ah.

Watch it here: Adidas spec 3