Tuesday, August 29, 2006

20 Meetings

It's been a lot of hustle trying to find a job in Asia.

Here are all of the people I've met with so far (going backwards this time)

1. Chris Kyme - 8 partnership Hong Kong
2. Ivy Lam - Links Hong Kong
3. Bernadette Johnstone - BlaneyMundy Hong Kong
4. Victor Manggunio - BBDO Hong Kong
5. Tony Peck - OgilvyOne Hong Kong
6. Simon Handford - Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong
7. Colin Ruffell - Doremus Hong Kong
8. Tan Shen Wong - Y&R Hong Kong
9. Malcolm Costain - TBWA Hong Kong
10. Paul Chan - Grey Hong Kong
11. Dave Barlow - MRM Hong Kong
12. Wayne Knowles - DDB Hong Kong
13. Michaela Pejsar - Hudson Hong Kong
14. Hui Louie - Bates Hong Kong
15. William Tsang - BBDO Hong Kong
16. Frank Hahn - Wieden and Kennedy Shanghai
17. Paul Stanley - DDB Shanghai
18. Ella Zeng - Hudson Shanghai
19. Liza Law - JWT Shanghai
20. Stephen Kong - Leo Burnett Shanghai

What an ordeal. But nothing worth having ever comes easy.

It took me 35 meetings in Vancouver, so I figure I'm 2/3 of the way there.

So I have a whole lotta names and a whole lotta SEO going on. What does one do from here? Click this English copywriter link to find out.