Friday, August 25, 2006

3 am on a Thursday night

Okay, I'm exhausted. I have been writing all night. I have done everything I can to secure an internet presence I think. I have met the creative directors. I have written articles. Now, it may just be time to sit and wait. I am tired. It has been a long day getting all of this coordinated. I hope it works. It will be interesting to see what happens on google in the next few weeks with this blog. Sometimes it takes a while to get picked up. My aim is for all roads to point back here. I want to make it almost impossible to search for a freelance english copywriter in Hong Kong without coming across my name.

It has been raining all day. I left my apartment once, to eat down at my Fish Noodle House next door where you can get a bowl of rice and some meat for $15 (about $2.25 Canadian). I live on that stuff. I eat it twice a day. I also have tons of fruit I munch on constantly.

The only other thing I do is go to the arcade to play Ghost Squad or House of the Dead. I don't know anyone, and I can't speak to anyone, but sometimes guys jump in and help me shoot zombies and terrorists.

That is about the extent of my human contact. It is quite lonely being in a little room on your own all day, even if the view is spectacular (I have a view of the marina and Kowloon).

I would go running, but it's pouring, and it's 3 am. They have a great track here that winds through Victoria Park. It is rubberized so it's good for the knees. The omnipresent Chinese security make sure you always run it clockwise as well - it's rather strange and militant.

Three weeks I've been here. All I have to show for my hunt so far is presnce in the mindspace of every CD in town and on all online avenues to finding freelancers. It's a start. But only a start. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I will make more calls.

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. Wait, there is a better way to get a job in advertising: English copywriter link