Friday, August 25, 2006

The Wait

I have two hours to kill until 2 pm. It is impossible to reach a creative director on the phone during lunch, so I'll wait. In the meantime, I've done a little searching online.

My latest article, Sustainability advertising in Hong Kong is out, but strangely enough it doesn't get picked up by the Google News in Hong Kong, only in Canada. I should probably get a better picture, the pixelation makes my skin look like Bryan Adams'.

They didn't run the intensely shameless one about my job search, not really news I guess.

I see I have competition. SL (initials) has let his website go, so he's no threat however. PR as well. Hmm. He has freelance english copywriter in Hong Kong squared off quite well. I'll put more emphasis on the english copywriter.

The online stuff is a bit of a project. With the latest article out I should see more traffic soon.

You may notice while reading Freelance Copywriter the tendency to shape sentences around the words as positive and professional and inviting

Admittedly, this can get in the way of the flow sometimes. I'll try to figure out a way around this. But for now, search engine optimization is king, readership, secondary. After all, I only have 2 hits so far!