Thursday, August 31, 2006

Freelance English Copywriter - I own these words

In unexpected good luck, I see that out of 200,000 possible worldwide links on Google for Freelance English Copywriter that I am at #1.

Wondering why a freelance copywriter would need to promote himself online?

I contacted all of the CDs in Hong Kong that I have met in my month here and pointed them towards the post below. I hope it didn't freak them out! Either way, still no dice. I met with Darias at Star TV yesterday, and that went okay, I also met David Chow at 360. He is a fellow Canadian, so that might be an in. He wasn't all that impressed with my book, but he seemed to like me and my hustle (how could you not!)

Today I am meeting with KC at Publicis and the Oriented group. I am also going to start looking for bar jobs.

At this point, I switched gears to start my first novel. Click this English copywriter link to see why.