Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hong Kong Sunday

It's Sunday today. My plans are to go for a run, eat some rice and chicken and sleep.
Yesterday I went with Dave to take pictures of the markets that are going to be torn out to make way for skyscrapers. Hong Kong is an interesting city, it is built right into the side of a mountain coming out of the sea, so most of the city is on reclaimed land. They are building out into the sea more and more, and it is only a matter of time before Kowloon and Hong Kong join.

Things are slowly starting to fall into place...

I received a message from a woman named Queenie who has a back-translation freelance assignment for me. Just in time too. Dave referred me to her. I am also speaking with two recruiters tomorrow. Ivy at Links and Bernadette at Blaney Mundy. These were leads from Andrew Goldstein, whom I went to school with, he called me up from Dubai to try to help me out. He's a good guy.

Marc Stoiber gave me some names the other day as well. He worked in Hong Kong a few years ago. I'm hoping to meet with Chris Kyme sometime this week. If you are reading this, thanks Marc!