Sunday, August 27, 2006

Status Report

This job hunt has been nuts. But I think tomorrow will be a big day.

Where things are at:

I have met with 18 creative directors since I left Canada seven weeks ago.
I have spent almost all of my money, save about $7000 HK. ($1000 CAD)
Rent is coming up in a week. Rent is $6200 HK.
Meat and rice and some strange leafy vegetable costs $15 HK.
I need to eat twice a day.
And I need Ghost Squad and the odd beer to keep from going insane. (Ghost Squad is $3 a shot and beer is about $7)
Tomorrow I have 2 meetings and 3 freelance leads to follow up on.

A guy from Japan sent me an email saying he did the same thing six years ago. So it's good to know this is possible.

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