Friday, August 25, 2006

My Day Job

I don't have a day job.

This is my vacation. Or, well, it started out that way. As it is I am still at $7450 HK. Rent is coming up soon, though, and that'll kill me if I don't figure out how to make some money fast.

So I am going to start writing travel articles for Inflight Magazines.

Dave Barlow of McCann put me in touch with some editors. I need to write up about 5 pitch ideas for stories and send them off along with an artilce I wrote for Pacific Coastal Inflight about 4 years ago.

Getting this story was a bit of a miracle. Pacific Coastal is long since defunct, but when I googled the edition one other author came up who had also published. I contacted her, and sure enough, she had a copy. She scanned it for me and emailed it over. What a sweetheart!

I might have to start looking for bar work soon.

Okay, it's 2:30, time to go through the list again and call everyone.